Gigi Stewart, "Gluten Free Gigi", holds a master's degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of Mississippi with a focus in chronic inflammatory pain and natural products research. She is Founder and CEO of Gluten Free Gigi, LLC. Gigi's focus is making gluten free living easy and accessible for those who need it for medical reasons.

Through Gigi's public appearances, her website (, published articles, webinars, and corporate engagements, she shares her real-life experiences and extensive knowledge of gluten free living and special diets nutrition. Gigi has been gluten free for medical reasons for five years. Through her academic research, scientific studies and personal experience, Gigi has gained a unique understanding of how diet can be managed to transform one's health. She is passionate about sharing this information because she knows many others face health challenges similar to those she overcame. She also knows how removing gluten from the diet can be life-changing. Gigi shares real answers, tips, and tricks that work and are easy to use immediately for successful and fulfilling gluten free living.

Via, Gigi regularly releases her own original gluten free recipes accompanied by her unique and complete How-To videos. Gigi also covers the latest research on eating gluten free, nutrition, and special diet insights in her free e-Letter the "Daily Gluten Free Fix”.  Gigi helps you keep it simple, affordable and nutritious every step of the way because she believes you deserve to have your health back and to be able to maintain it once you do.

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