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Nu-World Foods has more than 30 years experience cultivating and developing specialty and functional ingredients derived from ancient grains and other gluten-free, allergy-friendly ingredients.  Whether you are looking for a baking mix, custom pre-mix or unique ingredient (puffed, popped, pre-gels and more), we can provide solutions for your product requirements. 

Nu-World doesn't just serve the gluten-free and allergy-friendly food industry; we lead it.  So unlike some of the "learn-as-they-go" newcomers you may talk to about gluten-free or allergy-friendly product formulation, or enhancing the nutritional profile of existing ones, Nu-World Foods offers the proven tools, innovative processes and product-development expertise you need in a dedicated, GFCO-certified, kosher and allergy-friendly processing facility.

Nu-World Foods offers a variety of specialty functional ingredients, custom milling and blending services, contract manufacturing for industrial food service and retail pack-out and a dedicated gluten-free and allergy-friendly bakeline.  Visit for a complete list of products and services.