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The Fast Food Restaurant Listings (“FFRL”) are made available to you through The Celiac Scene™website “AS IS”, “WITH ALL FAULTS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” basis. Your use of the FFRL is at your own discretion and risk. Neither the GFRD nor The Celiac Scene™ make any guaranties about the quality, accuracy, or reliability of the information on or through web links on the FFRL, its safety or content. The GFRD and The Celiac Scene™ are not liable to you for any loss or damage that might arise from your reliance on the quality, accuracy, or reliability of the FFRL. All content in the FFRL is FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and it is IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND that the Fast Food Offerings in the FFRL are diverse and contain a wide variety of foods and beverages, many of which may contain one or more of the eight major allergens: crustacean shellfish, eggs, fish, dairy, peanuts, soybeans, tree nuts or wheat. Additionally, Ingredients or production methods used by suppliers, or in preparation in the restaurants themselves may vary significantly and change without notice and there may even be product differences among suppliers. MOST kitchen operations involve shared cooking and preparation areas and quite possible cross-contact with other foods may occur during preparation. Therefore we are unable to guarantee that any menu items, in any of the FFRL are completely free from any particular allergen, and therefore assume no responsibility for such.